5 fearless women over 50

5 fearless women over 50

From taboo to public forum, the topic of ageing has certainly changed for the better these past few years. It’s a work in progress, but a huge gap we’ve noticed is that when women turn 50, they tend to feel like they are overlooked.

Survey results show that since turning 50, half of Kiwi women start to feel invisible. They believe they’re past the prime of their life and admit that their confidence has decreased. *

Here at essano, we’re big believers in being age fearless and know that ageing is something we need to celebrate more. This is why we’ve created our natural, accessible Visible Repair skincare range, specifically designed for skin over 50. It’s packed with powerful, effective ingredients and each product was tested in Europe, clinically proven to show results in as little as 2-4 weeks. ^

In line with this, we want to celebrate 5 incredible women over 50 who we think are doing amazing things and are incredibly fearless 😍

Niki Bezzant

Niki Bezzant

I’m a communicator - I do that in writing and speaking, and I’m focused on health, wellbeing and food. Most recently I’ve really become focused on women’s health at perimenopause, menopause and beyond. This was the subject of my book, This Changes Everything.

What do you think needs to happen for women to feel more comfortable about menopause?

More of us need to talk about it! It should be totally normal to have conversations about menopause; the same way we are comfortable talking about pregnancy and puberty. They’re all natural, normal, temporary transitions in the life of a woman, and not to be ashamed of or hidden away. It’s self-fulfilling: the more we talk about it, the more we will be comfortable talking about it. This is something we who are going through it now can give to the generations coming after us.

What has changed since you’ve turned 50?

I think the 50s is when women really come into their power. I feel at this stage of my life I’ve built knowledge, skill, understanding of myself and of the world around me, and I have the confidence to express that. Alongside that is the ability to not take any crap; to say no; and to not care so much about others’ expectations or opinions of me. I’m more secure in myself than I have been at any other time of my life.

Trudi Brewer

Trudi Brewer

I am the editor of BeautyEQ; together with my team, we are always hunting for the latest innovations, expert fashion and beauty advice, and ideas to share with our followers. While the beauty industry is primarily female, after 5pm, I get home to an all-male household, my husband and two teenage boys, which is a fantastic balance for me.

What do you currently see around the topic of menopause online?

I hear plenty of conversations around menopause, as I do about menstruation. I guess you can thank social media for that. Like any female issue, if you have the confidence to share, you will be heard, which for so many women is empowering.

What do you love about being 50?

My confidence, gratitude and optimism.

Tessa Apa

Tessa Apa

I’m a freelance writer and communications consultant. I am a work in progress. Always looking for new ways to express my creativity and lean in to being an authentic human. I adore diversity and want to continue filling my life with things that make my spirit leap.

What have you learnt about turning 50?

That I am who I am. There’s no pretending. There’s no trying to please norms I can’t ever achieve. This is liberating and intoxicating.

Are there any life lessons you can pass onto others turning 50?

Look for the people who talk about the positives. With so much negativity in the world we need to intentionally seek out that which uplifts and encourages us in the stage we are in. I choose to engage with people my age and older who role model vibrancy and authenticity.

How do you think we make the topic of menopause more socially acceptable?

We just need to do it! The amount of times I have said the “M” word and people look so awkward and uncomfortable… but I continue to talk about it because it’s not exactly a secret or an anomaly. Almost every woman will go through this - just like menstruation… we just need to take the plunge and ask questions, speak honestly and engage in conversation. I certainly don’t want to do this alone. Do you?

LeeAnn Yare

LeeAnn Yare

I work as an international airline pilot, flying has been my main career since I was 16 years old.

I’ve dabbled in lots of creative outlets too, styling and writing for top interiors magazines, author of two sell-out interior style books, content creating, volunteering for sporting bodies in my community. I’m also a wife to Glen + mum to Tyler (15) + Dylan (13), Milton 🐶 + Dan 😺

What are your tips on learning to be comfortable around the topic of menopause?

More talk! Talk = more talk.

Medical professionals aren’t always forthcoming in this area, so more talk amongst women on social media, friend groups, etc, sharing experiences and recommendations. We need to do our research early so we are prepared for what is ahead… rather than being surprised by it and not understanding what’s going on with our bodies.

What have you discovered about yourself since turning 50?

50 is the new 30! It’s been a great time to self-reflect, and focus on what’s really important, but at the same time push myself out of my own comfort zone and really embrace all those things I have wanted to do but can never find the time to or feel like I’m not confident enough to take on.

What is one of your life essentials now that you’re 50? 

Often self-care gets pushed aside. For me, an easy skincare routine using products I love is essential. I make time for myself in the evening to ensure I’m never skipping giving my skin what it needs.

Angelique Fris-Taylor

Angelique Fris-Taylor
I own Publicity PR, a boutique public communications company specialising in natural beauty and lifestyle. That means I get to play with lots of new and exciting products and work with a collection of inspiring people.

How did you make yourself feel comfortable talking about menopause?

To openly talk about it.

With friends navigating perimenopause/menopause and more information readily available, it’s not such a taboo topic as it once was. Often these days, it’s a solution-based talk, especially when sleeping patterns are broken and a sweat comes to play. The office used to laugh when I threw open the windows and had a fan on my desk in the middle of winter.

What’s the best thing about turning 50?

Being confident and happy in myself.

*Results garnered from a survey done on 700 NZ women 50 + in April 2022
^Independent clinical study on 20 women aged 50 and over

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