A Guide to Waking Up to the Skin of Your Dreams Everyday A Guide to Waking Up to the Skin of Your Dreams Everyday

A Guide to Waking Up to the Skin of Your Dreams Everyday

You’re probably familiar with the term, beauty sleep. But did you know it’s a scientific fact that while we sleep, our skin goes into renew and repair mode, targeting environmental damage caused during the day? Which is why an effective night-time skincare routine is essential for waking up with the skin of your dreams.

But what does your skin need most at night?

Radiant Skin Starts the Night Before

Along with the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturising, your skin benefits from products that support its natural process of recovering overnight. This is even more important as we age, as our skin’s natural ability to recover and produce Collagen starts to slow down from our 30’s. Collagen keeps our skin looking plump, but also gives it strength and structure and plays an important role in the replacement of dead skin cells. A consistent nightly skincare routine, incorporating Collagen boosting products, will support and maximise the skin’s renewal process, whilst imparting plenty of moisture to compensate for nightly water loss.

Our 5 Step Night-time Skincare Routine

Cleanse - a gentle cleanser like our Collagen Boost Crème Cleanser is an effective way to clean away the day’s makeup dirt, pollution, and oil.

Tone - Hydrating Rosehip Mist Toner helps to balance and tone the skin, preparing it for the rest of your routine.

Eye Cream - essano Collagen Boost Eye Crème contains Rosehip Oil and Eye'Fective™ – to smooth fine lines, lift eyelids and reduce dark circles, all in one. Cue ‘bright eyes’ in the morning.

Treatments - Overnight the skin becomes more permeable, which means it’s extra receptive to products with active ingredients. Collagen Boost Serum containing plant peptides and rosehip oil will help to stimulate your skin's repair processes from within, promoting more youthful skin.

Moisturise - Now that your skin has soaked in all of those powerful ingredients it’s time to lock in the moisture, so you wake up looking refreshed, radiant and ready for another day. Collagen Boost Night Crème contains Plant Peptides to stimulate Collagen production and skin repair while you sleep. Certified organic Rosehip Oil provides intense moisturisation for more youthful, resilient skin. And if your skin is extra dry, try mixing a couple of drops of Collagen Boost Facial Oil into your night cream for an added hydration boost.

Remember, as with the benefits of regularly exercising, getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods, skincare results come from following your routine consistently - adapting for the changing needs of your skin and the seasons as necessary.

If you’d like to go a step further and boost your night-time routine by targeting a specific skin concern, follow our guide to applying and layering serums.

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