How to treat dandruff with our Scalp Refresh range

How to treat dandruff with our Scalp Refresh range

Dandruff is a scalp condition that many of us have experienced before. It's not uncommon, and once you recognise the signs of dandruff, it's easy to treat yourself at home with specially formulated products.

Our Scalp Refresh range has been designed to work as a 3-step haircare regime to help soothe and rebalance your scalp with a formulation specifically developed for itchy and irritated scalps and to reduce dandruff flakes.

Start with a hydrating, gentle shampoo

People with dandruff usually experience a dry scalp, so when choosing shampoo, you will want one that doesn't strip your scalp of your natural oils but still cleans thoroughly. In many cases, if your scalp is too dry, your skin may overproduce oils to keep it hydrated. This might mean you'll reach for a haircare range designed for oily hair, which fixes the issue caused by dandruff but doesn't treat the root cause of it - a dry scalp.

Our Scalp Refresh Balancing Shampoo is sulphate-free to gently cleanse your scalp without any harsh ingredients that could further dry out your skin. It works to remove white dandruff flakes on your scalp without causing further irritation, and helps to soothe itchy scalps.

Restore moisture with a nourishing conditioner

After shampooing, restore moisture to your hair with our Scalp Refresh Balancing Conditioner. Apply this to your ends but don't worry if it comes into contact with your scalp - it's been formulated to be hydrating and nourishing without causing irritation.

This conditioner also works in tandem with our Scalp Refresh Shampoo. You want to ensure you're not loading your hair with too much moisture as it may cause residue build up on your scalp and cause more irritation. Our conditioner can be rinsed out easily, leaving soft, hydrated hair and a soothed scalp.

Apply a soothing serum

To optimise the results of our Scalp Refresh haircare range, use our Scalp Refresh Concentrated Serum. You can use this morning or night, and on wet or dry hair. Part your hair in sections, spray directly to the scalp and massage in gently.

This is a multi-action concentrated leave-in treatment that is developed with natural, high-strength active ingredients such as Seascalp™ Biomarine ingredient and Niacinamide to help remove dandruff flakes and ease discomfort.

These three Scalp Refresh products work hand-in-hand to deliver optimal scalp health and soothe the signs of dandruff, gently and naturally.

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