A match made in beauty – Rachel Hunter & essano A match made in beauty – Rachel Hunter & essano

A match made in beauty – Rachel Hunter & essano

She’s a presenter, author, yoga teacher and most well-known as a supermodel… We are so excited to introduce our new partnership with Rachel Hunter!

Rachel Hunter joins us as a brand ambassador to highlight her love for our Rosehip Oil! When it comes to upholding super natural and super healthy skin, Rachel – who is renowned for her timeless beauty – opts for simple, clean skincare and has used Rosehip Oil as part of her skincare routine for over 15 years.

Her values align with ours so well, so when she reached out to us a few months ago wanting to work together, it was a no-brainer.

A perfect alignment with essano

Kiwi-born Rachel first discovered our range of products on the shelves of New World during a visit home, nine years ago. She currently resides in Los Angeles (LA).

“I remember the first time I saw essano, I was at home filming New Zealand’s Got Talent and was wandering through my local New World, I was drawn to the Rosehip and the pink packaging. I was happy to see a natural, homegrown, premium Rosehip Oil that was accessible to everyone. I was excited to try it as essano adds Acai Berry to the Rosehip Oil for an additional antioxidant boost”.

“Then in the last year, I saw essano on the shelf in my local Rite Aid in LA. It is always exciting to see a Kiwi brand reaching America, so I bought the product off the stand right there and I got in touch with essano.”

Our commitment to our values

It was a natural alignment to work with Rachel. She shares our commitment to being 100% cruelty-free, prioritises natural products and focusses on environmental and community sustainability, choosing certified organic where possible.

“When I choose skincare, I like brands that are listening to consumers' voices and making changes - I love to see cruelty-free icons, I love organic certifications, and I love sustainability credentials - everyone should have access to premium, natural products that have integrity - and are actually affordable. It is about our skin, but it is also about making high-grade quality products available for everyone, with a product that works.”

This meant that our transition to sourcing our Rosehip sustainably from Patagonia Austral in Chile stood out to Rachel. Our Hydrating Rosehip Oil is certified organic by Ecocert and cold-pressed which means the method of extraction removes the need for heat, oxygen or added chemicals to be used during the process, leaving our Rosehip Oil nutrient-dense.

The skin-loving benefits of Rosehip Oil are scientifically proven to help soften the look of scars, fine lines and stretch marks, whist boosting hydration and moisture and improve the appearance of skin’s firmness and skin tone. This, along with the sustainable certifications, makes Rachel reach for our Rosehip Oil every day.

We cannot wait to see how Rachel can help us spread even more awareness of our Rosehip Oil to our fans and customers. For more information on our Rosehip Oil, click here.

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