Top tips for skin and hair care during menopause

Top tips for skin and hair care during menopause

While everyone has a different experience to menopause, one of the things that everyone notices but doesn’t really talk about are changes in hair and skin.

The good news is that there are ways you can manage the symptoms of menopause before, during and beyond the transitional phase. We’ve put together some tips for you below.

Menopause - What to expect

On average, women enter menopause in their early 50s. It is a profound, transformative and deeply emotional experience that is completely different for everyone. It can feel overwhelming, frightening and uncomfortable and it is perfectly okay to have intense emotions around these events. 

From a recent study of 700 Kiwi women, 92% admitted that they worried about the physical effects of ageing on their skin. Of those who had gone through menopause, 80% saw changes to their skin.

Some of the first noticeable changes in the run-up to menopause are things like thinner, drier, dull hair and skin differences. Not to mention the odd hair sprout on the chin or nipple! However, the biggest culprit is likely lack of hydration, with more than three quarters of the women in the study stating it as a focal skin concern.

Why does this happen? - Hormones and menopause

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for many areas of the skin and hair. It drives the production of collagen, which ‌gives your skin its elasticity, bounce and plumpness. 

As the production of estrogen slows, the levels of collagen also tend to decline.

When collagen levels drop, this is when the noticeable signs of ageing may appear like fine lines or drier/oiler skin than usual and age spots.

While all these changes may be unwelcome, they are completely normal and there are a few steps you can take to help slow down or prevent these changes.

Tips and advice for skin and hair care during menopause

While we can’t stop menopause from happening, these are the things you can do to help your skin and hair look their best.

  • Drink plenty of water, eight glasses a day.
  • Invest in a high-quality, sunscreen that can be worn daily as an addition to your day cream.
  • If you smoke, there is no better time to quit.
  • Get plenty of beauty sleep.
  • Help to rebalance an irritated scalp with‌ our gentle Scalp Refresh haircare range.
  • Reducing alcohol consumption is good for your health and can also help you sleep better.
  • Managing stress can counteract the symptoms of fluctuating hormone changes.
  • Give tired, dry and frizzy hair a boost with the natural power of Argan Oil.
  • And finally, find a product that deals with the key skin concerns from menopause - our powerful pro-ageing Visible Repair skincare range is everything your skin has ever wanted as you bloom into the next phase. 

What makes this range different?

Before we developed our Visible Repair skincare range, we talked to a panel of women over 50 about what they went through during menopause, and based on their skincare concerns, we created these products. We used independent testing methods with women going or gone through menopause to ensure each product was clinically proven to deliver a range of results - from instant and long-lasting hydration, to a reduction of depth and degree of wrinkles, to improving skin firmness and appearance within 2 to 4 weeks.

Another thing which makes us different - our Visible Repair range is powered by Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient. This is sustainably sourced from the Lapacho tree, also known as the Tree of Life by the Incas and the national tree of Paraguay.

This planet-friendly ingredient has been clinically proven to promote a slower ageing process (amazing, right?) and increased skin longevity - and we are the first skincare brand to use it in Australasia!

Explore the range

💛 Visible Repair Facial Elixir - reduce wrinkles depth within 4 weeks and increase skin elasticity within 2 weeks
💛 Visible Repair SPF15 Day Cream - 24-hour hydration with sunscreen protection

💛 Visible Repair Eye Cream - protect the delicate eye area and reduce fine lines while reducing the appearance of dark circles within 4 weeks

💛 Visible Repair Night Cream - clinically proven to improve skin appearance and skin firmness within 2 weeks

Not sure if this is the right range for your skin? Take our skincare quiz here.

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