The essano team's Christmas favourites 🎄

The essano team's Christmas favourites 🎄

We've got such a large range of products that it's only natural that the team find a few favourites while working at essano.

This year, we asked the team, what's your favourite essano product you'd pick for Christmas and why? 


I am obsessed with our serums and oils. I have the whole range in my cupboard! I feel like they are helping me turn back the tides of time and keep me looking youthful!

For Christmas, I’m gifting my friends a duo of our oil and serum so they are covered for day and night – Hydrating Rosehip Serum and Wrinkle Rescue Retinol Alternative.


My favourite product is Rosehip Oil – I have very dry skin, and it definitely hydrates and helps with fine lines. I’ve used Rosehip Oil since I was 17! My skin feels plump and soft, evens out skin tone.

I’ve given it to my mum, nana, sisters as they commented on my skin. It’s the one staple in my skincare.


I absolutely love the Argan Hair Serum! It's such an amazing product for the dry ends on my hair. I have a bottle in my handbag, one in my car, one at my desks both at home and work... there's never one far away! 

My tip is to put about two pumps into my freshly washed hair when it's almost completely dry. This helps to lock in the moisture and reduces the frizz once my hair is dry. I want a gallon of this hair serum for Christmas.


I religiously use the Collagen Boost Eye Crème morning and night. I pack it everywhere I go and have spares in my cosmetics bag for the gym and my hand bag. It’s packed with amazing ingredients that support your own collagen production and so far, fingers crossed, its meant I haven’t started to get any noticeable lines around my eyes.

I knew I was on to a winner when a friend asked what treatments or procedures I had had. I give samples to all my friends and now it’s a must-have for many of them. My favourite tip I have picked up came from one of our customers - She recommended keeping an extra set of night crème and eye crème by the bed so you never go to sleep without these important steps of your routine.


I love the Pohutukawa and Kiwifruit Candle – it’s limited edition and this candle smells like a New Zealand summer and reminds me of days at the beach.

All my girlfriends are getting one for Christmas!


I love the way our Vitamin C Brightening Scrub makes my skin feels so clean, fresh and super smooth after using the scrub. And the fact that it smells great is an added bonus!

I’ll definitely be gifting it to myself this Christmas!


Vitamin C Glow Oil – it smells great, it’s like no other product I have tried. I have oily skin so wouldn’t normally use this but this formula absorbs super quick. I use it all over my face and it gets through my stubble instead of beard oil and moisturises skin underneath beard whereas other beard oil products might not.

It’s the perfect gift for everyone because it’s an oil that works on all skin types.

I follow this with the Vitamin C Brightening SPF15 Moisturiser – a great combo for during the day.


I like the Advanced Brightening Vitamin C Serum – I think it’s great for brightening and hydrating my skin, and it smells nice.

I’m going to gift to friends along with other serums, they’re trendy products that my friends like, especially the ones into skincare.


Oooh the Keratin 2-Minute Hair Mask! I like the nourishing texture, leaves my hair really nice and soft, and I use it instead of conditioner. The best hair mask/product I’ve ever used.

Love it so much I have given it to all my friends and family for Christmas. Perfect for heading into summer to look after hair from going to the beach.


I love the Pink Clay Mask. It draws out all the impurities in my skin and it’s nice to pamper myself once a week. It makes my skin look really clear, feels soft, works really well for me and I like the colour of it. The mask goes on like moisturiser and I like how it sets on my skin.

I would gift to all my friends to try.


My daughter loves the sheets masks, especially the Rosehip one. She and her friends use it all the time, they come around and put masks on together. She’s 15 so just getting into skincare.

My wife loves the Collagen Boost Facial Oil, it’s got a great fragrance, absorbs easily and really does work. Her skin glows when she uses it!


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