What’s new with our haircare range?

What’s new with our haircare range?

It all started with our Rosehip skincare products – a fresh new look on-pack and improved formulations that make them even better than they are. Now, haircare is next in line for a glow-up!

You may have noticed our exciting new packaging with our haircare range. We reached out to a group of women who both had and hadn’t heard about essano to get their feedback on our haircare packaging – and the result is our new look.

Our new haircare look

It’s now extremely clear to find which of our shampoos and conditioners suits your hair needs best. We’re leading our design with what the product does for your hair – do you want intense hydration? Or to clarify and balance instead? Next, we follow up with your hair type, because we understand that different hair types have different needs.

Of course, we also make sure to clearly label one of our proudest claims too – Made in New Zealand.

Same great formulations, salon-quality haircare

As we transition over to the new look, we will continue to sell our previous packaging until we run out of stock. This means you may have a few mismatched sets or not see the entire range in your local supermarkets and pharmacies, but it’s still the same hair-loving formulas that you know and love, just with a fresh look.

You can see for yourself! Scroll through our Instagram post to see the before and after and let us know what you think.


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