Why You Need to Review Your Skincare Routine Seasonally Why You Need to Review Your Skincare Routine Seasonally

Why You Need to Review Your Skincare Routine Seasonally

As the seasons change many of us switch out the clothing in our wardrobe; Winter’s heavy layers make way for Summer’s floaty fabrics. But did you know that your skin also has different needs as the seasons change?

Do You Really Need to Review Your Skincare Seasonally?

The ultimate goal of a skincare routine is to keep your skin looking clean, hydrated and glowing all year round. Which products you use are influenced by your skin type, which is genetic and doesn’t change with the seasons. 

However, as the seasons change, there will be shifts in temperature and humidity and along with them, elemental changes such as sunshine, wind and rain. Your behaviour may also change; in Spring and Summer you might spend more time outside in the sun than in Winter, which of course means you need to be more diligent with applying SPF. It’s these external factors which can impact the skin as the seasons change.

And this is why it’s important to review your skincare routine seasonally.

When Should I Review My Skincare Routine?

Whenever your skin is showing signs of being unbalanced, or not being as healthy as it was, is a good time to review your skincare routine. If you’re not sure what your skin needs during any season our Skin Quiz can help. You can also use the following as a guide to understanding the seasonal ‘transitional’ changes of your skin.

Spring & Summer Skincare

Cold air outside and artificially warm air inside can leave skin feeling dry and dull after Winter. If your skin has lost its glow come Spring, try introducing an exfoliator into your routine. Our Hydrating Rosehip Gentle Exfoliator will help to remove dry skin, whilst moisturising and revitalising your skin.

In Summer humidity and heat can cause your sebaceous glands to produce excess oil. This may mean that the creamy moisturisers and cleansers you used during Winter are now too heavy for your skin. If this is the case you may like to try oil controlling products like our Oil Control Niacinamide 'Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise Bundle.

Autumn & Winter Skincare

Just as Spring is a time to address imbalances from harsh Winter conditions, Autumn is the ideal time to correct any damage caused by Summer and prepare your skin for Winter - which for most of us means, hydration. And as the days get colder, your skin may benefit from introducing a more hydrating night time moisturiser such as our Hydrating Rosehip Moisture Restorative Night Crème and facial oils like our Hydrating Rosehip Oil

If you need help identifying your skin’s needs as the seasons change, take our Skin Quiz.

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